Welcome. My name is Erin, and I’m glad you’re here 🙂

As a health coach, yoga teacher and herbalist, I provide my clients with natural solutions to common health imbalances. I have helped people lose weight, clear up their skin, control their stress, and boost their immune systems. These results translate to greater happiness, renewed confidence and fewer sick days!

My perspective is holistic, and I recognize that health imbalances often have a root cause, which is not always physical. I help clients see themselves as more than a body, guiding them to truly listen to their inner wisdom to rebalance themselves for optimal health and happiness.

My clients understand the interconnectedness of the body and mind to live a life aligned with fulfillment and purpose.

Reviews from some of my clients…

“Erin taught me that making 1% changes every day leads to big, consistent changes in habits and lifestyle. If I ever felt overwhelmed at trying something new, she went even slower to make sure that I was (mostly) comfortable with the change. Erin’s method is the perfect mixture of support, challenge, education and encouragement!”

– Angie

“I was fed up with the diets I tried on my own and was feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Erin helped me see why I was struggling, and helped me explore ways that worked for me to get back to feeling I was in control of my life. Over the course of 6 months, I made slow changes and didn’t experience set-back because Erin helped me celebrate my “little wins,” and kept me accountable to continue. I surpassed my weight loss goal and now have strategies to handle my stress before it gets the best of me.”