Why Health Coaching?

As a health coach, I love that I’m seeing a shift to valuing health through an empowered state of decision making. People recognize that tools like yoga, meditation, essential oils and other natural practices are our best insurance policy.

 There’s no doubt that our medical professionals are essential to keeping us healthy, but sometimes people need more of a personalized approach to managing their health. Implementing health recommendations isn’t always easy because often they require major lifestyle changes that we’re already struggling to accomplish on our own.

That’s where I come in.

Connecting the dots and guiding clients from health complaints to health success is my mission. I understand what it feels like to not have answers. I know the emotional toll that comes with physical ailments. Using a holistic perspective, I was able to discover how to re-balance myself- mind, body and soul.

Believe me, I get that you probably already know what you should be doing to be healthier.

But health coaching is so much more than “try this,” or “eat that.” It’s a hand to hold. It’s someone with health knowledge who can bring an objective and holistic approach to your health goals. It’s the encouragement you need to shift your mindset and get you motivated to love yourself through the process. It’s accountability. When you know that someone’s going to be checking in with you about a specific behavior, you’re more likely to to choose an outcome that aligns with your goal. 

So, if you’re not feeling your best, and you are searching for answers, let’s talk. After all, health is your most important asset. My 6-month program is both affordable and invaluable, as it sets you up for a life time of empowered well-being so you can re-balance and heal.

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Holistic Health Coach // Yoga Instructor // Herbalist // Humanist

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