I am… firstly, on a lifelong mission to understand my inner truth and express my purpose. So far, life has guided me to the following roles: single mother, speech-language pathologist, yoga instructor, health coach, self-taught herbalist / DoTerra consultant.

On a deeper level, I would consider myself more of an introvert, though I’m also seeking more opportunities to connect and I thrive on social connection. I am a 4 on the enneagram (such a cool tool if you’re not familiar for understanding yourself and others!), an empath, a romantic, and an idealist.

I love nature, travel/adventure, animals (especially cats)(read: spirit animal), plant-based cooking/baking, practicing daily yoga and meditation, exercise, learning guitar, singing, dancing, and enjoying the company of people who inspire and energize me.

My background as a Speech-Language Pathologist has given me experience helping people of all ages, in many settings from hospitals, to homes, to schools. Working with medically-complex patients as well as struggling families exposed me to a common thread of deficient health standards. Diet, stress levels and lacking awareness of natural solutions were contributing to a cycle of perpetual illness. I knew I could help people in a more profound way with holistic methods.

Training to become a health coach and yoga instructor has empowered me to teach my clients to look deeper in order to rebalance and regain health and happiness. I am constantly seeking to better understand myself and what I need to thrive, and am blessed to be teaching others to do the same.

If you are struggling with your health and need some fresh solutions, guidance and loving accountability, let’s talk.

My 6-month program can help you create lasting habits to feel good, look good, and optimize your relationships with yourself and others. The program is paced to work for your needs, your schedule, your goals. Some things I help clients:

  • Understand how different foods affect our bodies & minds
  • Understand heath holistically- how all aspects of life affect our ability to reach our goals
  • Make healthy tweaks to favorite recipes
  • Explore and incorporate easy health boosting tips
  • Measure their progress, celebrate their wins, stay on track, and create lasting habits
  • Become their own coach, helping their families and friends reach optimal wellness

I also offer one-on-one sessions for yoga, meditation, and essential oil consultations. My 6-month program includes access to all of these services, along with tailored goal-setting, progress monitoring, and tools to last a lifetime so that you can live in control of your health and happiness.